Monday, March 28, 2011

Unlimited Areas of More Intense Rural Development

Tomorrow night, the County Council's supposed to "limit" growth in the rural areas. What's it really going to do?

It's hard to tell from the information posted on the web site. There are a million documents, they change all the time, and it seems like they keep posting more and more. David Stalheim has prepared some pretty amazing visuals to show what's going on. Here's an example. The link below will take you to his analysis of "Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development." Development in these areas is supposed to be "limited" to areas where development had already taken place by 1990. Some of the boundaries don't take that limitation too seriously.

Click here for the link, and have patience -- it's a big file.

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  1. OK, I myself just tried to open the file. The first time, it made my computer really sad and slow, and eventually the document wouldn't open. I tried again and it opened right away. So if at first you don't succeed, try again? And let us know if it doesn't work.