Monday, April 4, 2011

Public Records

The Herald's Politics Blog, discussing Council Chair Sam Crawford's use of his home e-mail (link here), reminded me of some earlier discussions of Council Chair Sam Crawford's use of his home e-mail.

Last October, David Stalheim recalled an e-mail that Sam Crawford showed him: link here. The next day, Mr. Crawford announced that he would no longer use his home e-mail, although he had a very good filing system on it. That system only failed him once, in fact. He just couldn't find that one e-mail referred to by David Stalheim.

What a coincidence!

But I suppose that we're making progress. The fact that Mr. Crawford is trying to cover up his personal correspondence shows awareness, at least.


  1. So is the fact that the County is pretending to care enough to fix the problem....

  2. Which problem? The problem that folks who give $60,000 expect a quid pro quo, as stated crudely in the e-mail described by David Stalheim, or the problem of using private e-mail? Both problems relate to cronyism in our County government, but one problem is easier to fix than the other, I'm thinking.