Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rural hush

Despite the fact that the Whatcom County Planning Commission wants to hear from the public, they are advised that their hearing Monday evening isn't about any zoning amendments for rural areas.  So, if you want to talk about:
  • Setbacks from agricultural lands,
  • Commercial or industrial zoning uses in rural areas,
  • New subdivisions less than 5 acres in size in Lake Whatcom,
  • The new rural residential density overlay zone,
  • Lots less than 5 acres in size being "rural in character",
  • No limits on size of commercial or tourist buildings in new rural business or tourist areas,
  • Removal of any limits on how much of a property can be covered in buildings and structures in rural commercial or industrial areas,
  • New commercial rezones in Hinotes Corner and Wiser Lake, or
  • Caitac,
You can talk about it, and maybe the Planning Commission will listen -- but they can't make a recommendation on it.  None of these topics are subject to the public hearing before the Planning Commission.  Sorry. 

Maybe we'll have to talk about what we can't talk about.

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