Monday, March 19, 2012

Time to Gird Your Hemp-Laced Loins

Enviro-zealots, prepare to start your engines. 

Oh, wait.  Enviro-zealots don’t have engines.  They ride bikes. 

In that case --  prepare to gird your loins!

In a previous blog,   this quote from Coal Age magazine, describing Washington State residents, made quite a stir:

“[Peabody Energy and Arch Coal] will have to win a fierce and potentially defining regulatory battle to build the ports as legions of enraged enviro-zealots gird their hemp-laced loins at the thought of dirty American coal being sent to even dirtier Asian power plants across the blue sea.”
Are we fierce?  Are we legion? And most important of all –

Are we hemp-laced?

Join fellow enviro-zealots, a synonym for “concerned citizens who wonder whether it's a good idea to build North America's largest coal terminal at Cherry Point” tomorrow at 5:00 at Bellingham High School for a “Community Rally” (more information here).   

And it you can’t make it at 5:00, come to the High School at 6:00 for the Department of Ecology and Whatcom County’s  presentation on the Environmental Review Process for the Gateway Pacific coal terminal.

Warning:  Bike rack space may be limited. 


  1. But, all I've got is a hemp shirt. I'll be there anyway!

  2. I know it's a little late to post on this thread, but FYI, my loins are hemp-laced at all times. My greaves, however, tend to the copper.