Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coal Terminal Scoping -- From the Sea Surface Microlayer to the Global Commons

I'm sure that hundreds of people, or maybe 2, will want to read RE Sources' scoping comments, submitted this afternoon --

so here they are

There are a lot of excellent scoping comments available for everyone to review through the scoping website. RE Sources' comments are simply among those excellent comments.

Word went out yesterday that 94,000 comments had been submitted.  By the end of the day, perhaps a round 100,000?


  1. While comments are great and all, that ant picture is really really cool!

  2. Agreed about the ant picture!


  3. I mix of joy and depression after pulling up ReStore's comments. Joy at all the hard work and effort and thought. Depression at my lame comments by comparison. Thanks Matt and all that worked so hard on the comments.

  4. thank you Jean for drawing our attention to these thoughtful and detailed comments by RE Sources.